Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 2023) with a BFA degree in Graphic Design. 

Currently interning at the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum.

Featured Projects:

  1. Emobo
  2. Eaz-Eat
  3. Scent Catalog
  4. The Museum Maker
  5. Vertigo

Communication Design
Experimental Design
Experience Design


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Hello, this is Yimeng (E-Ming).

Go by she/her.

I grew up in Dalian, China. 

I gained a BFA in Rhode Island School of Design in 2023, with a major in Graphic Design and concentrations in Theory & History Art & Design + History | Philosophy and Social Sciences (Global Processing).

As a designer with a multimedia background, I sought to bridge the gap between the abstract art of visual presentation and my audiences’ tangible interpretation. As an aspiring educator, I am interested in working as a Museum Educator or Instructional Designer who promotes learning through storytelling, emotion-sharing, and the application of educational technologies. 

Traveling inspires me a lot! I love to incorporate cultural perspectives and scenic elements into my work. My travel vlogs can be found here

Hope this website gives you a sense of my interests, skills, and experiences through my selected projects.

I also co-produce a podcast channel that hosts conversations with artists and designers about careers and potential lifestyles.

Thank you for reading!