Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 2023) with a BFA degree in Graphic Design. 

Currently interning at the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum.

Featured Projects:

  1. Emobo
  2. Eaz-Eat
  3. Scent Catalog
  4. The Museum Maker
  5. Vertigo

Communication Design
Experimental Design
Experience Design


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Motion design & visual experience

“An Immersive Aurora Experience” inspired by my trip to Iceland in November 2022. It transports viewers into a world of wonder and fantasy. This four-minute-and-thirty-second video uses special lighting effects and sounds to create a sense of immersion, drawing viewers into the display and allowing them to fully engage with the environment. By using the sounds colors, and lights to mimic Icelandic culture, the video intends to create an experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, taking viewers on a journey through the beauty and mystery of the aurora.

Through the integration of real-time data and curated visuals, my work aims to transport viewers into a world that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. By juxtaposing elements of physicality, imagination, and the natural world with live KP values, precipitation levels, cloud coverage, and time, my art invites the experiencers to immerse themselves in a documentary-like experience. As they watch, they are invited to look upon the world below from an intelligent sky, gaining a new perspective on the intricate relationship between nature and human creativity.