Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 2023) with a BFA degree in Graphic Design. 

Currently interning at the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum.

Featured Projects:

  1. Emobo
  2. Eaz-Eat
  3. Scent Catalog
  4. The Museum Maker
  5. Vertigo

Communication Design
Experimental Design
Experience Design


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Diving into the professional, personal, and day-to-day experiences of artists and designers.

June 2022 - Now

co-founder/designer/host/content editor

Figma, Adobe Audible, Adobe Premiere, website design

Other skills:
user experience, group collaboration, outreach, content management, communication


After attending college, I recognized that relying exclusively on the school's resources and the limited knowledge shared by teachers was very restrictive. I have been in a state of confusion: leading me to gather opinions from various sources, search the internet, and spend significant time and effort on unproductive information.

Many people around me also expressed uncertainty regarding their future plans, career development, and even potential lifestyles. This awareness of information asymmetry inspired my team and I to seek conversations with experienced individuals. Our goal was to bridge the gap between novice and experienced artists, designers, and educators by sharing insights about their post-graduation experiences, explorations, and ideas.


As of December 2023, a total of 20 episodes have been published with a total reading volume of 13000+ and a total number of followers of 11000. There were initially 3 co-founders in the summer of 2022, and now there are a total of 12 team members, divided into the content team, editing team, and design team, although this is not fixed and many people hold multiple positions.

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