Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 2023) with a BFA degree in Graphic Design. 

Currently interning at the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum.

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Sound Therapy & Interactive Installation

Team members:
Gaolexin Jiang
Ying Liu
Yimeng Yao
Kunda Liu
Jingjing Guan

Exhibition Location:

Shanghai TX Huaihai
Exhibition Center

group research, concept, interactive design, installation design, exhibition design

This project was inspired by a curiosity about prenatal memories. Its main focus is to explore the perception of security and comfort that a fetus experiences while in the womb. The installation includes emotional audio and ambient water sounds, which work together to immerse the user in a state of mind that simulates the prenatal experience. By encouraging users to explore the unique and wondrous sensations that can be produced by receiving different auditory and tactile stimuli, we aim to stimulate their sensory perception and enhance their cognitive faculties.

The installation is inspired by Maslow's fundamental need for psychological safety, which is often overlooked in modern society. We see the "womb" as symbolic of the origin of human security, and as Proust famously wrote, separation from the maternal womb was his first experience of pain. Therefore, our aim is to restore the lost sense of security and deliver it back to the audience. We do this by creating an immersive experience that stimulates the audience's sense of safety and comfort, in the hope that they will feel more grounded and secure in their everyday lives.

How to interact?

The vibration of the balloon membrane causes the lens above it to shake, leading to the reflection of light waves and enabling the visualization of sound patterns.

Vibration as someone speaks
laser pointer and balloon membrane
The “oval” size parallel with voice volume

In the exhibition, by using a sensor to collect voices from visitors and playing emotional audio and ambient water sounds,  the light projected on the “tomb”

At first, the idea was to design an exhibition space where visitors could “crawl in” and immerse themselves in the sensations of being inside the womb, while also being able to interact with others outside.

But due to uncontrollable factors such as inadequate material that support the weight of visitors may pose safety hazards, the challenge of controlling the spread of covid in poorly ventilated enclosed spaces, and issues with the exhibition's effectiveness, we have no choice but to change the design.

An interactive place with multiple “wombs” that people can sit, touch, and lean on
Membranes enclose the space and embrace the womb in the center

The making process:

cut cloth to specific size and shape
add cotton to fulfill the “womb”. We chose cotton because it is less reflective
Gallery Tx Huaihai, Shanghai

Components of sounds:

Environment sound:

The sound system plays a pre-made remix of water and human sounds

Triggered sound:

The non-melodic audio, with a sense of space and matching the atmosphere of the visuals, is used to shape a fantastic space through sound.

Final exhibition: